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    1. Welcome: Quzhou Yongquan Measure Co., Ltd.
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      Quzhou Yongquan Measure Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer integrating RD, production and sales of shunt. It is formerly known as a taiwan-funded enterprise. Taiwan Yongquan was founded in 1975 who has been producing shunt for 45 years, it expanded into Quzhou, Zhejiang province in Y1995 and created industry well-known brand SH-TW. In decades of production and management process, Yongquan has accumulated very rich technical experiences and high quality customers. Yongquan SH-TW shunt are widely used in Inverter, Servo-drive Motor, Wind Power, Photovoltaic New Energy, S...

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      Quzhou Yongquan Measure Co., Ltd.

      Add: No. 284 Sanqu Road, Kecheng District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang, China.

      Tel: +86-570-3867658, +86-13362018809

      Fax: +86-570-3867458

      E-mail: saleshunt@163.com

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